Monday, November 30, 2015

భయమా? ఛా!

Pixar - Animation - Movies

Animation is a state of life.
A life of vigor.
A life of liveliness.
A beautiful simulation.
A stitched series.
A heartwarming face.
A velvetty whisper.

All in all it is humanly kid like.
Kids dream alot.
They do.
They let their imagination fly.
Some are cool.
Some are awesome.
Some are beautiful.
Some are nightmarish.

The kid in us dreams.
Even today.

We all grew up with dreams.
We still do.

"Good Dinosaur" is a dream.
A dream of animation.
An animation in dream.

Story, the usual.
Pixar's pics - terrific.

Dad standing tall - Moral 1
Dad dying tall - Moral 2
Dad guiding tall - Moral 3
Arlo's shaping - Moral 4
Arlo's destiny - Moral 5

And there are many more morals.
Oh lord! There are other things.
Most cartoons of this genre have wicked characters.
Like Scar, Tai Lung etc etc.
This one? Nah! Not a chance.
Some how Disney moved the wickedness to the side.

Its all ARLO.
All the way.
Battles, fights all, a framed beauty.
Against mother nature.
Against human nature.
Against fear.
How to over come.
How to stand tall?
Just like DAD!

Dad's have no fear ?
Heck no, they do!
But they find a way.
They inspire.
They guide.
They walk you through.
That's the beauty.

Get your kid over.
Get the kid in you over.
Go watch it.
You will NOT be disappointed.
You can figure out the next scene.
How ever if you stay in the scene, you will become of it.

Go today.

Let ARLO take you over.
Let he take your fears off.
Let he take your kids fears off.

Just beautiful.

For a debut director - 10 stars.
For the movie - 8 stars.
For the story - 8 stars.
For the execution - 8 stars.

Go today.
Go watch.
Have fun.

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