Friday, July 31, 2015

Sound design - Baahubali - Sateesh is beast of that beast.!

Thanks to sateesh.
Thanks to sound.
Thanks to sound design.
Thanks to Dolby!
Thanks to baahubali.

Dolby beats the drums.
Dolby beats the war cries.
Dolby beats the tattoo.
Dolby beats the running water.
Dolby beats the beats.
Sateesh beats them all.

Dolby is the beats beast.
Sateesh is beast of that beast.

His design was impeccable.
His sound design was astonishing.
Decent in first half.
Great in second half.
Greatest after inter-mission.

The waterfall.
The neeTikonDa.
Sivagami's final moments.
Sivudu's survival.
Kattappa's sword slicing.
Sivudu's attempts at the waterfall.
Avanthika's "kASI" scene.

You know...It can go on...on and on and on...

Baahubali's jump into the fort.
Baahubali's help to the rope pullers leader.
Sivagami's walk to her throne.
Kattappa's window jump when Sivagami calls.

You know...It can go on...on and on and on...

Kattappa Sivudu Rain scene.
The war scene.

You know...It can go on...on and on and on...

Each action had its act.
Each weapon had its sound.
Dolby caught it.
Sateesh perfected it.
His design was cool.
His design was ecstatic.
His design was hovering.
On and around the movie goer.
What an experience it was.

I bet - His hands were tied with MMK's music that was delivered in first half.
There were bits and pieces that were excellent.
Second half - MMK delivered the goods.
Satheesh - he just ripped all expectations apart.

He was fabulous.
His sounds were fabulo fantastic.

You are one of a kind sir.
You really are!

Keep it coming.
Keep the sounds coming.
We are here.
We are waiting!

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