Monday, July 27, 2015

సినిమా మొత్తానికి ఆ షాటు బీభత్సం.

Marcus Bartley - the greatest cinematographer telugu cinema has ever seen! Ahh, the world has ever seen for that matter. He was an anglo-indian. So what ? He was a telugite to me.

I will dare to say, If the best telugu picture mayabazar was a success - it was because of him. Not KV Reddy, Not SVR, Not NTR - it was HIM who etched that movie into our hearts. You deny that ? You must be a non movie-goer or you donot know what photography is.

I remember Singeetam Sreenivasa Rao and I will tell you later why I had to bring this note up here - in one of the interviews, said, he was visibly stunned / emotionally shaken at what he saw - the visual beauty that was set up for ghatotkacha's dwaraka entry - when he cheated and looked into Mr Bartleys camera [for a classic note, as heard from my dear friend Alan Bartley, son of Mr Marcus - Marcus never, ever allowed anyone to touch his camera or peek into it. Not even the director. It was his world. It was his lone world. Until it showed on screen]. Singeetam said he remembers and will remember that shot until his 7 lives are done. It was that powerful.

The essence of photography is to lure the eyes into the focal point. Create a magic. Create an illusion. Create a kaleidoscope. Create another world. To the eyes that are watching.

Seeing is a very stressful mental process. It is analytically strong if you dissect it. It initiates with our eyes capturing some information from what lies ahead of us but continues as a mental activity involuntarily. How ever It requires awareness; and that awareness is nothing but a state of mind. There are many phenomenons that go under the awareness radar, but you will not consciously know. Some suddenly enter your consciousness. You see them! And great photographers always steer you into that awareness.

Now to Senthil. And to Bhallala.

Bhallala was good. His hatred act much more. When he goes into war with kalakeya army, his war skills were un-matched. That credit goes to him and senthil equally. How ever senthil ups the game. He puts the camera in a location which creates that effect. Long lasting effect. Which elevates the raw beauty of bhallala. Raw beauty as in a human. The handsomeness humanness gives us. What life gives us. That shot - that shot is - when kalakeya chief hits him with his hammer, as big as thors and as powerful as thors. Kalakeya had been handed that hammer. That powerful hammer. And he uses it. Bhallala just rolls back into the frame. Here is where senthil excels. With the location of the camera. And the placement. I bet Rana's thighs must have been sore. Very sore after that shot.

అంతంత అంగలేసుకుంటూ వెనక్కి జారుకుంటూపోయే సీను అత్యద్భుతం. మీరు ఫోటోగ్రాఫరైతే మటుకు, సౌందర్యోపాసకులైతే మటుకు అందులో ఏముందో, ఆ షాటుకు ఎంత క్రియేటివిటీ కావాలో మీకు చెప్పనక్కరలా! భల్లాలుడు వేసిన అంతంత అంగలకు ఆయన పంగలు ఖచ్చితంగా నొప్పి పుట్టే ఉంటయ్ ఆ షాటుకు. దానికి తోడుగా స్లో మోషనులో పెద్ద గుమ్మడంత జుట్టు అలల్లా తేలుతూ ఉంటే ఎంత బావున్నాడో! ఎంత బావున్నాడో! ఎంత బావున్నాడో! ఎంత బావున్నాడో! కళ్ళు చాలలా! సినిమా మొత్తానికి ఆ షాటు బీభత్సం.

That shot is the highlight of the movie for senthil and for rana. Senthil wins. He stands one step lower to Marcus, but he is in the creamy layer. He is awesome. he is splendid. He is the awareness. he is the heart of the movie.

Salutes senthil. To you and to the photographer in you!

And now you, the reader of this post can relate narrated singeetam's incident to the post here. If you can't , err, ehem, I have to shed pity on you!

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for your time.

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  1. వంశీ గారు,
    ఈ రోజు ఉదయమే అనుకున్నాను (and i saw this post)... మీరు Marcus Bartley అభిమాని కదా.. బాహుబలి లో సెంథిల్ కెమెరా గురించి ఏమైనా రాసారేమోనని.