Monday, January 26, 2015

I had no answer.

I had no answer.
I had tears in my eyes.
I had tears in my heart.
Read on! Read On!
But do something about it!
For once in your life!

That was intense in parts.
That was boring in parts.
That was pch in parts.
But the director did his job.
A fantastic job.
As usual.

He is the one we know.
We all know.
All movie goers know.
He is a legend.
His movies were legendary.
They are super hits.
A superb horse rider.
A killer instinct boy.
A charming presence on screen.
Stale looks, so what? He stole many hearts.

As he aged, he took a turn.
He turned to direction.
Movie direction.
The same movies he has been living all his life.
He made a bunch of them.
Gems - all by themselves.
They are all different.
They all had punch.
They all had entertainment.
They all had strong story.
His calibre showed.
Just like his wild west gun shots.
Yep, he is the one.
Mr. Clint Eastwood.

Last night was American Sniper time.
Right after a sumptuous dinner.
Bottle gourd curry, Sambar, Eggplant Chutney.
Various flavors.
Palette bursting flavors.
Tummy filling flavors.
She had cold.
Daughter had cold.
So, she let me go to a movie.
And I went.

Starts off with "Allahu Akbar"
How sweet that voice coming out that masjid, I thought.
And indeed is.
And it always is.
It took me back to my childhood.
A muslim maid servant "boobamma" in my grandma's home.
She stood before me.
peddabaabu (Oh! The eldest one!) how are you ? was her question.
I was excited to see her.
Before I answered she vanished.
But she stood there in my memory.

Onto next frame.
A young boy goes on hunting.
With his father.
He kills a deer.
One shot and its dead.
Right on.
In bulls eye was the shot.
He runs to his prize.
Drops his weapon.
Dad comes up on him.
Says, never put your weapon down.
Boy picks it up.
Both are happy.

On to frame two.
A young boy gets bullied.
Another comes and smashes the bully.
That another is none other than the big brother.
At the dinner table.
Young one's eyes are black and blue.
Dad takes out the belt and puts it on the table.
Mom says - DAD!!!!

Dad teaches the boys.
Well, he preaches.
There are three things in this world.
Just three.
So he says.

One is sheep.
One is wolf.
One is sheep dog.

Sheep are us.
Like many of us.
Fearing for everything.
Then there are wolves.
They devour.
They devour sheep.
They are predators.
Just like dictators.

Then there are sheep dogs.
They keep the wolves away.
They will tear them apart.
They keep the sheep safe.
Our big brother is none but the third.

Stage is set.

They grow up.
Time comes.
Big bro joins US army.
Becomes a seal.
Deployed to middle east.
Middle east is all chaos.
Every one killing every one.
Every one killing the americans.
Snipers play a big role.
Our big bro is a sniper.
He takes out many.
Many evil ones.
Not on one, but four tours.
He did his job.
Amidst all struggles.
Family struggles.
War struggles.
Personal struggles.
Personality struggles.
But the big brother handles well.
All those struggles very well.
Returns a hero.
Returns a legend.

Few frames later.
Psyhciatrist comes in.
He asks questions.
Big brother answers.
In a cool tone.
very cool tone.
The answers are sharp.
They shook me.
They shook my human nature.

He takes a route.
A different one now.
Helping the veterans.
The good ones.
The great ones.
Who have lost much.
He makes them feel good.
He did justice to all.
As a dad, as a family man, as a patriot.
Chris Kyle was fantastic.
Clint Eastwood was fantastic.
Movie was fantastic.
Its entertainment was fantsatic.
I got my money back.
My time was well spent.
It has my top rating.

Few questions lingered.
Middle east?
Not so fantastic.
Are there no good men in that part of the world?
Why were they NOT shown?
Hey! movie is about entertainment.
Plot should be tight.
And it was.
It had the pace.

I came home.
I went to bed.
In 2 mins I was alseep.
Then, then, then....
The majestic maid boobamma stood there again
Asking me.
peddabAbU - we are good people.
Please spare us.
Please kill the wolves.
They are eating us too.
Can you help ?
And she was smiling.
And she was in tears.

I had no answer.
I had tears in my eyes.
I had tears in my heart.
I woke up.
My pillow was wet.

Wish I can help.
Wish I can!

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