Monday, November 3, 2014

My Picture In National Geographic...

Just wanted to let you know - one of my photo has been picked up by the National Geographic editors for their Daily Dozen Picture slot. What it means is, of the thousands of photos they receive everyday, they pick the best 12 and get them ready for voting. The most voted picture will make it to the magazine. 

Here is the LINK. And look for NOV 3rd postings.

Click on the above link and if you are on Nov 3rd postings, the first picture depicting a pattern - Zebra's pattern - is the one.

If your time permits, and you are willing to, please click on VOTE button by the picture before midnight EST of Nov 3rd which is about 10.30 AM (Indian Standard Time) Nov 4th. 

If you are taken to Nov 4th page, because you clicked on the link tomorrow, pls go to yesterdays photos and have the viewing pleasure. And yes, if it appears funny for some reason or otherwise, you can pardon me...

Here is a precious heart warmer picture to me which is on the home page of National Geographic Your Shot with my ZEBRA.So, Thought of sharing.

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