Sunday, October 26, 2014

Open Invitation! Your Choice And A Big Thank You!

It always surprises me when I look at the statistics of the website. This year was no different than the previous ones. Close to 5 million hits and couple more months to go, it is doing its job to get the cultural, literary content reachable to a wider audience.

Most hits were on, All India Radio content, which was a heart warmer! A big thank you to all of the folks who come in and check the content out. All blessings counted and yes, that credits go to you all, and all the contributors.

Any one else wants to share their treasures, this is an Open Invitation. Please feel free. Please make your stuff available.Please share. Please send me your stuff. It will be made available to all those waiting souls. Your choice of participation will enrich this world.

Let it all be shared. Let people have fun. Let people know their roots. Everyone should share what they have. Everyone should share it right when you have it, then and there. Not once in a while. Knowledge in knowing that something we do not know or something we might have known in the past is out there somewhere is beautiful. It is not a dog-biscuit. Neither should the people wait for those beautiful beasts. Some may dis-agree. But yeah, what about it ?

That aside, checking the blog stats, I have a whopping 1520 posts, eh ? vow, did not even realize that I had that many. While 1156 are made public, what surprised me was that there are 364 in draft mode. When will I get to make those drafts public? Ughh!

Wish the day was 48 hrs instead of 24.

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