Friday, January 17, 2014


Social animal.
Social reader.
Social thinker.
Social writer.
That is a story.
Twisted story.

We socialize.
We talk.
We listen.
We think.
Then! Then! Then!

We read.
We write.
We re-write.

We talk.
We write.
We re-write.

We listen.
We write.
We re-write.

We think.
We write.
We re-write.
Powerful feeling.

We write for people.
That is Trash.
We write for self.
That is good.
We liked it ?
Even Better.
Others like it?
Doesn't matter.

We write alone.
We read alone.
We think alone.

They donot read for you.
They donot write for you.
They donot think for you.
They do it, for themselves.
Their betterment.

Have followers?
Feeling proud?
You are poor.
Poorest of all.

Felt a tickle?
You might be something.
People donot care.
Strong ones, I mean.
Followers, do!

Followers are weaklings.
Are insecurely secured.
Secured by anchors.
They will be around.
Around you.
For ever.
They will go no where.
Leave them.

Strength in numbers?
Eh! Wrong.
Good for fights.
None for writing.

None should follow.
None should influence.
None should anchor.

Journey is yours.
They join.
They leave.
They join again.
They leave again.
Some never come back.
But it's you.
It's all you.
All about you.
Self. Thy self!

You walk.
You walk by you.
You walk for you.
You think.
You think by you.
You think for you.
You survive.
You srvive by you.
You survive for you.

You write.
You re-write.
Write more.
Re-write more.
Sharpen the skills.
Read more.
Discard some knowledge.
Read more.
Listen more.
Think more.
Gather some knowledge.
Strengthen your words.
Sharpen your vocabulary.
Be strong.

Strong men.
Inner strength.
Sharp vocabulary.
Rational thinkers.
Strong writings.
They stood tall.
All alone.
Yes, in history.
It's all in there.
Survival of the strong.
Survival of the fittest.

It's all in you!
Just you!
Don't lose it.

Why say it?
Be educated.
Be enlightened.
Oh human!

You are not.
You are not lonely.
You are with your writing.
You are with your thought.
You are with you.
A different you.
Why complain?

It's a choice.
You made it.
Stick to it.

Thought! wrong choice ?
Still in your hands.
Quit it.
That's the beauty.

More of you.
Two of you.
Three of you.
Hundreds of you.
It's all you.
Experience the beauty.

Write again.
Re-write again.
Write sharp.
Write crisp.
Brevity, has beauty.
Universal beauty.

Words are naughty.
Tame them.
Words are sharp.
Use them.
Words are amazing.
Feel them.

No one reads?
You read it.
Were you happy ?
Good for you.
Good for words.
Either way!
Never a dull moment.

Me, Myself and I?
My foot.
Your foot.
Their foot.
Be lost.

Lot to write.
Some to say.
Cannot care less.
See ya later!

 -- inspired by a phrase/word, "loneliest", in a FB post on a friend's wall! yes, they know it! :)
 -- no rudity involved
 -- Thank you!

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