Sunday, January 19, 2014

Books! Old Books!

I read.
I read old books.
Plenty of them.
I read them alot.

Anything old.
I read.

I read them every day.
Just old books.
Just old articles.
Just old writings.
I am obsessed.
They are special.

The writers are special.
They had age.
They were wise.

They had experiences.
Lot of them.
Tough ones.
Happy ones.
Some heavy weights.
Some light weights.
Some lighter veins.

Writers. Writers. Writers.
They were enlightened.
They were entertainers.
They were story tellers.
They were proficient.
They were armed.
They were charmed.

I like story telling.
I like story tellers.
I like language.
I like expressions.
I like experiences.
I like stories.
I like old books.
I like old stories.
I like old articles.

They have the charm.
They are hypnotic.
They churn your soul.
They run your mind.
They have the language.
They transmit bonding.

You are smitten.
You associate.
You dis-associate.
With the books.
With the feelings.
With the incidents.
With the world.

The stories.
They are old.
They are good.
They are new.
They are mesmerizing.
They are thoughtful.

Themes are fantastic.
Presentation is fabulous.

Words are silky.
Words. Words. Words.
They just caress.
They caress your mind.
They bite your heart.

Writers. Real writers.
Old books they wrote.
They are no more.
They are dead.
They all live.
Their writings live.
Their writing are alive.

Writings. Writings. Writings.
They emanate light.
Faint light.

You have to be in dark.
To see the light.
Yes, to see the light.
In dark,faint is humongous.

New generation.
New things.
New feelings.
New life.
New writers.
New books.

No words.
No expression.
No experience.
No language.
Good for nothing.
Good for none.

You live in lights.
Blinding lights.
You donot know.

You are a loser.
Already a loser.
Have no heritage.
Have no identity.
It is a crisis.
Literary crisis.
Your crisis.

One day you are old.
You will not live.
Your writings Do not live.
I bet, the time keeper is listening.
I hope, he is listening.
Historical time keeper.

No incentives to read.
To read old books.
Need one?
Need few?
You know not.
You need a whip.

I read.
I know the value.
You don't.
You know not the value.

No rules.
No processes.
Just plain reading.

Do it.
Do it more.
More you do.
More you understand.
More you know.

You will be smart.
You will be intelligent.
You will be knowledgeable.
You will be wise.
You will be happy.
You will be sad.
You will be laughing.
You will be crying.
You will be human.

Pass it on.
Pass on the knowledge.
Pass on the reading.
Pass on the books.
Pass on your heritage.

-- Brevity burst inspired by a comment I read this afternoon.

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