Friday, March 29, 2013

One of the most ridiculous books I have ever read!

One of the most ridiculous books, and meaning it seriously - I have ever read on a comical scale.

Before I introduce you to this book experience of mine, I need to tell you that humor is "relative" and what I like might not be to your taste and what you like might not be to my taste. So the following notes is based of my humor scale and to say no rude intention is involved in writing this notes up will be 100 percent true.

I also need to tell you that this book and me have a story to tell , a synopsis of which goes like this - a red necked east indian friend, yes from our own land who is into crude jokes and raunchy stuff all the time from whom I stayed away for long, hit me with this book and won the battle. Brief win it will be, that I am sure. And that hit came out of blue, as a mishap exchange of books happened at a meeting / party last week.

Intro - We, few friends who are book lovers started to have a wrapped book exchange meeting every few weeks, what ever that is, meaning at no particular intervals starting last november.  Well...I have to say that I introduced the concept to our group, based on / inspired by white elephant gift exchange game played at work during christmas seasons

I got good stuff until some one in the group decided to play tarantula voodoo, again what ever that is, and got me this book.

Came home that night, opened the wrapper and was surprised at the title of the book and on the cover there was a guy holding a blonde girl whose face was blanked out and there was a tag " your face here" .

I said "whoa! this is a interesting cover" though I had my own doubts on the content.

How ever the first chapter of the book was hilarious, american comedy at its best. Second chapter was raunchy, very raunchy. So much so that, I had "throw up" rat running around in my tummy. Kept it aside for that night and two nights later, carefully skipped that chapter and went straight to next one.

By the way, the chapters are not chapter chapters, as in a sequence, but just random experiences the author had.

The third one was moderately ok on humor, while the fourth one was bad, 5 th one was worst, and 6th one was on a mount vesuvius scale.

At that point I picked up the phone and Mr K Rao and I had a talk, a loooong one. When the conversation ended Mr K Rao was apologizing so bad that, I felt totally helpless.

Anyways, the book name is "I hope they serve beer in hell" and cherry on top news was that , it was made into movie in 2009 it seems! Oh god!

Moral - Every book has a story behind it.

Too bad the reader is always at the receiving end, be it for good or bad....


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