Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gangster Squad Movie - A Short Review!

While Sean Penn was close to ridiculous, Josh Brolin ruled along with help from Ryan Gosling.

Emma Stone was close to a "kick off" golden facial expressions.

Nick Nolte (Chief Parker) is the chief who takes stand to clean the city of Los Angeles which is rolling into the evil clutches of Sean Penn (Mickey Cohen) and in the process takes Josh under his wings and asks him to recruit his own crew and clean the mess up.

Josh Brolin, though this is my second movie of him - comes across as a honest cop right in the first moment. His intro does not make him Josh Brolin but the character itself and he was just amazing. Blended so well. People might find it hard with his rock face acting, well atleast close to, but this movie needed that kind of guy and he was right on spot!

Ryan Gosling comes across as a sweet nice cop (to me he was close to gayish, not that anything wrong with it, but his character and the points leading him as a supporting hand to Josh was brilliantly made).

Josh's wife Mirielle, I believe her name was, she was very cool too!

Giovanni Ribisi as officer Conway stole 40% of my left over heart from Josh's occupation. And Robert Patrick as officer Max took 30%.

If you pay attention to dialogues, sometimes are stunning, meaning very well written.

Photography was good, infact very good.

Background score could have been much better, but the fast script and the actors pace will not let you feel the lack of it. It definitely would have added a tonne of thing to the movie if the music was better.

Over all director Ruben did a splendid job. Make up was right on spot. So, for my 7 dollars 50 cents, I got 30 dollars worth of entertainment. Thank you holly wood.

Just wonder why, how and when - the stupid counterparts over in that hemisphere learn from these "excellentes"....

Movie - 8 out of 10, Josh - 100 out of 5, Ryan - 40 out of 10, Emma - 10 out of 10, Photography - 8 out of 10, Make up - 7 out of 10, Background music - 4 out of 10, Ruben - 10 out of 10.

If you are a good movie fan, then this is for you.

If you are a "feel good" movie fan , or the so called "entertainment moron" fan , or "28 songs, 200 fights, farty humor" fan then this is for you moron! yes, it's an education for buffalo, well..may be sheep like you....go see it and spend your money on this, instead of your age old themed moronic - stupid - ugly - brainless - characterless telugu movies ....Your pea brain will be blessed, and you will be glad.

Now get your fat head, and fat ass out into the theater playing this movie...

My hats are off sires! All of''em - Thanks Ruben, Josh, Ryan, Emma, Giovanni and Robert! Thank you.....

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