Monday, January 14, 2013

Eemaata Jan Issue - Some thoughts!

Glad to see a tribute for a living person on this e-magazine! From the past experience of reading "pAThakula abhiprAyAlu", it was a little known fact, well...not so little but, that the so called "pAThakulu" of the magazine were complaining alot, meaning left and right about the tributes this magazine was paying to "dead souls" and not to the "living souls".

Now when the magazine comes with a tribute to a living soul, that too with a big bang, the so called complainers retreated into the safe dungeons of their own! Not a single comment on tonnes of pages, except the ever graceful Mohana Rao gaaru. May be they cannot fathom the fact that their wish came true. Asking for a miracle has led to it's appearance and the wish was granted, ain't it ? lol....
Coming to VNR - am not a big fan of him or his works, not that it matters to him, but before people jump to any conclusion I want to say that I do not have enough "critical" knowledge to say something about something which is NOT critical and about which I do not know. If you get what I said just now, you are gold. If not, donot even attempt to read any further. If you are a fan of him, well and good. You can go get the blessings instead of wasting your time reading this.

He seems to be a fine person, and is well known in north american literary world which by the way does not constitute , I am guessing 5 % of our immigrant telugu population. And it is a sad fact. The rest 95 % are (I call them sweet dumbos) talking about worthless movies, junk food and rotten politics.

If you come across any of those dumbos, ask if they know VNR, they say who ? Is he in a new movie? Or if he is from old movie world and long lost brother of ANR. Or is he YSR's cousin? Not to name the names, believe it or not - this ANR brother thing happened in a meet at sacramento.

Anyways - coming to VNR's works - I read few of them before. They seem to be not to my taste - language wise or presentation wise. But it's just me!  And that's one of the reason, why I myself did not comment on any of the articles at eemaata. Let alone I post any of my comments because of their editorial policy which tends to be biased. Hey, its their magazine. They do what they want to, right ? Yep. So I stay away from commenting on that mag.

From comments to his works again - Some say that his (VNR's) translations of classics are a boon!

I humbly think that those translations are for more novice people and kindergarten kids and also for those people who have no idea about what our literature is, which in a way is good - it's better to have something for them than nothing right ? But as I said, it's just me...I just cannot read that kind of stuff which does not have stuff in it. Meaning the stuff stuffed with stuff which I already know... They have a different perspective you know, you say eh? Not interested man! I am not interested in those translations which donot interest me!

Am I Sounding rude and prejudiced? Well - I am expressing my opinion, how ever you may take it. But I have no intention to downgrade any of yours or VNR or his works or any readers of this posts "book reading abilities" ....So pls donot take it personal.

Of the trio listed there Shulman, VNR and Sanjay - Sanjay is little better than the other two. Shulman, being an outsider studying our literature - it kind of becomes fascinating for us and we tend to put him on a trampoline and enjoy his hoops and jumps! I will leave it at that.

So coming back to the mag - why am I worried about the tribute and the magazine comments?

Well - you should have gotten it by now! If not, there is no point in explaining further. Even if I do, you will not get it.

Finally, if you are a literary buff and if you have not heard of this magazine, google it and read it. It's contributors are, well...not all, but some of them are exceptionally talented.

When you go the current issue - Do read about VNR and you will know some good things and the good works he carried out that you might have never known.

Though those good things will not change my perception to NOT to read his books, essays, articles in the near future. But may be you will and pass the baton on to some one else. You will do some good to literature. And yes, without a doubt - I did mine!

Thanks for your time


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