Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Movie - Django Unchained - Short Review!

Ok - Here comes Django - close to 3 hrs movie.

Huge crowd, long lines never seen before at palladio, atleast by me. 20 mins in line, never even did that in hyderabad, grabbed a top corner seat. 3 minutes hall is full. After the usual trailer stuff, movie starts and it starts with a bang. Lovely.

Waltz was stupendous, amazing and fantastic - ruled the movie like a king - for close to 2 hrs. Jamie's presence was nominal, though in every scene - it was a cents worth. Now comes DiCaprio around half way. And boy o boy, he was his usual - amazing performance as a bad boy.

Costumes - Outstanding. Music / Songs - Fantastic. Blood Spilled - Badastic, Makeup - Good.

Being a fan or western themed movies and country music myself - loved all the songs. photography - awesome, excellente.

Has it's slow moments, but well I have to get the spoiler alert in - After Waltz and Dicaprio are gone, Jamie picks up and you can see a little bit of action from him. Well, not anything worth, but there is no one else...so....

And surprisingly Samuel L Jackson - darn he did some acting. I never thought he was fit to be a actor, let alone in movies. He was superb for 20 mins.

Final straw - the score -
  • Movie: 7 out of 10, 
  • DiCaprio: 8 out of 10, 
  • Samuel L Jackson: 7 out of 10, 
  • Jamie Foxx - 4 out of 10, 
  • Tarantino - 7 out of 10, 
  • Waltz: 400 out of 10, yes you saw it right 400 out of 10....

There ends the review.

Now, All the best for your movie experience....

Have fun tarantino, waltz, dicaprio fans!.....because I did...


  1. Ah, This is perhaps the only regret I have of moving to India - need to wait 3 more months to watch this movie. And don't know what parts are edited by the sensor board here!!

    Congrats for watching it on the first day! I envy you.

  2. 3 more months? That's interesting news! How come?

    I banned telugu cinema 15 - 16 years ago, but I usually watch almost all the english movies right on first day and most of the time I am much more happy as my money in some form, to some extent - is well spent.

    Our movies - Core trash and the money goes right down the drain. As an added bonus we acquire lot of unmanageable stress.

    But I watch our black and white era movies. That's about it.

    Anyways, watch Django when you can, even if it's 90 days after. Well - that is if you are a Waltz - DiCaprio - Tarantino fan!

  3. The movie will be released here in March.

    I am a huge fan of Tarantino and Chris Waltz!! From your blog post, it is now clear I won't be disappointed. I will wait for the feast.