Saturday, November 24, 2012

సరుకున్న బ్లాగర్లకు ఉపయోగపడే వార్త - 2

 సరుకున్న బ్లాగర్లకు ఉపయోగపడే వార్త - 2

Break From Painting Routine today led to something useful. Useful for you that is.

While browsing the press academy archives over many many months, which I still do even today, I have made tonnes of "index" files from various magazines I read.

Index files means, index of the articles in that particular issue of the magazine.

Grabbed one of those INDEX text files and imported into excel sheet. You can sort it by author or article name or the issue....

Here is the file and have fun, while I go grab the other files and make more excel files.

Here it comes




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    1. Did you read the heading swamy? It's intended for them...They'll know...

  2. How to access these books ? Pl advise further.. I find many interesting books in your excel..wanna grab them fast with your help

    1. Siva - Please search for Press Academy Archives in Google and go to the archives section. You will find the books. Easiest way to co-relate my index files is look at the excel file name and it will give you the details as to whether it is monthly, yearly, weekly, general books etc etc...Hope this helps

  3. సరుకున్న బ్లాగర్లకు..... కి కి కి కి కి కి కి కి కి కి

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  5. very good information. Thank u