Thursday, September 6, 2012

Killer Speech By Obama Today!

It's NOT a triumphant speech, but was a very sober one! And to me it was a very sincere one - atleast in presentation.

Very different from the speech 4 years ago.

What a way to go Obama - what ever you do to this country of yours ! This speech hopefully will be remembered for a long time to come....a very long time to come

He made "YOU", yes "YOU" - as the main objective and what a orator he was.... Loved it!

Mitt Romney's speech was NOT even a cent close to this one. Great job Obama....

He conveyed the message straight into the hearts of an undecided voter - I am NOT a candidate, I am the President and I want to build the future of the greatest nation on earth with YOU.

And for the points he put out, Mitt would definitely struggle to counter

Will be very very interesting to watch the debates!

Very eagerly waiting for Oct debates......

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