Saturday, September 15, 2012

Finally - An Interesting Read On CNN! Whew....

CNN is a bad news for news itself as are many other news papers here in the US.

It's like Our Deccan Chronicle back in hyderabad.. Or may be it's an insult to Deccan chronicle to say that. I don't know....

Interestingly enough, once in a while my friend Rama Rao, sends some links which he thinks might interest me.....and ....99.999 % I close the browser just by looking at the heading of the article.....Sorry Rama Rao.... :)

But today unfortunately, they published a good article...well, good is like an oscar award for CNN, so I say an interesting article On CNN! Whew....


Anyways, thanks for the link Rama Rao.

Hope the day will be better.

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