Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back to nature paintings again!

After a LOOOONG Time - Back to nature paintings again!

పొద్దుతిరుగుడు పువ్వులు -

 This was a very time consuming painting....took 5 and half hrs.....

Acrylics on 16 by 20 inches canvas

పెయింటులో ఏకాకిగా నిలబడితే వచ్చేదేమిటి? 

 This is an incomplete / work-in-progress painting....Acrylics on 16 by 20 inches canvas...

Tried a water-color approach for this one, using acrylics. It was very interesting to see the output...New thing

Sky / Grass was a full water color approach while the lone tree was half....

By the way, created a gallery today in the website and uploaded old paintings published in this blog including some of the pencil art...... :)

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