Wednesday, July 4, 2012

సింగారింపు అయ్యిందయ్యా - వచ్చి చూడు!

సింగారింపు అయ్యిందయ్యా - వచ్చి చూడు

Acrylics on 16 by 20 inches canvas.

BTW - learned a new thing today. Was trying to paint the sky and accidentally hit the wrong spot, so quickly grabbed a wet napkin and wanted to get rid of the unwanted spot. But then the wet napkin spread the blue to an unexpectedly cloudy shade. So that napkin stayed on the canvas until the sky was done... Until now I thought only brushes are used for painting.....Now this opens a lot of doors for me to experiment, just NOT with wet napkins, you know?....woo hoo! :)

Well - it might be a known thing and a small thing for the established artists. But it's new to an amateur artist like the excitement to share...

Colors used:

Canary Yellow
Bright Red
Bright Yellow
Spring Green
Titanium White
Nutmeg Brown
Burnt Umber
Pthalo Blue


  1. నా రెండు *సె(కామె)ంట్లు:
    మీకు చుక్కలంటే ఎక్కువ మక్కువనుకుంటా!
    ఆఆవు రంగు, ప్చ్...

  2. >> మీకు చుక్కలంటే ఎక్కువ మక్కువనుకుంటా!

    I take the liberty to say - It's a shame that an intelligent soul like you noticed it after so long.... Yes, I am a big fan of the much so that they are part of every conversation too - be it a post or be it a comment...Got it ? Finally I might remain a DOT for myself, but don't care... :)

    >> ఆఆవు రంగు, ప్చ్...AND >> నా రెండు *సె(కామె)ంట్లు

    As I have been telling a moron on another painting post, that if you are a FIELD expert and comment (***) , I really think about it. If NOT I just do not care. Even if the post does NOT attract any , I mean ANY comment I just DONOT care....And that's how it has been for the past 1000 posts(yes, 1 thousand + posts), and it's NOT going to change....

    Now, though I said I donot care, let me expand a bit to make myself clear one more time, so that I donot have to explain myself every time a comment like this comes through.

    For example take your comment ఆఆవు రంగు, ప్చ్ ...If your comment had a part in the sense that it detailed on what to fix, how to fix, or a reference of painting - I take that as a valid comment and take the pains to go through it.

    ఆఆవు రంగు, ప్చ్ - does have no value what so ever, and I bet you yourself know that.

    >> నా రెండు *సె(కామె)ంట్లు - now you really know the value of your cents on this particular post....I hope so... :)

    I will be very happy if smart people like you throw in a dollar or a rupee instead of cents and paises, which makes the comment worth it....

    Donot put a dent in my trust, since you know I respect you and your comments for their worth.


    PS: (***) (This holds good even for my comments, but that has to come out of the mouth of the author of the post and not some "anonymous" , "kOn kiskA goTTam gALLu")