Monday, May 21, 2012

Vow ...Just mind blowing!

Vow ...Just mind blowing ....Listened to "Katriniley Varum" carnatic rendition by Sudha Raghunathan. Vow! Donot know what the lyrics mean, but I say one more time for the rendition - Vow!

BTW - this was on - I donot know if this song is available anywhere else.......Youtube rendition is NOT as good as the one I listened to...

Youtube version is here

Not a bit close to the radio rendition....well...just a little....

I guess all "sindhubhairavi"s are just mind blowing




  1. good one in deed. Along with I just listened to the rendition by Sreemati MS Subbulakshmi (sung and acted by her in 1945) @

    Just like with any other language song I like and try to get the meaning - I got partial meaning of the song as below from browsing around.

    song comes in the comes as turbulent in your heart with tears in can convert stones into can bring the buds in burnt trees.. it has sacred taste..even wild animals enjoys the taste of the song...beautiful..eternal song.. it can stimulate the fire of happiness of your heart...and destroy your thoughts

    If you have not listened to the fusion song from Morning Raga - "Thaye Yeshodha" by Sudha Ragunathan, Ranjani Ramakrishnan @

    I came to know of Sudha from that movie and since then listen in to her as and when I feel.

  2. Ah! very interesting meaning....Thanks for taking the pains to post it here.

    I am very old school, meaning - rarely watch color movies. Even with that - it was very strange to watch Shabana sing carnatic music. But kudos to her vast experience, she did a very good, indeed a splendid job of lip sync. Thanks for taking me to that "color" side of the world....

    Anyways, when time permits tune into (works only in IE browser) and one day you might hit the version I heard today from sudha....

  3. Vamsi, in fact Shabana has learnt Carnatic (on course only a part sufficient to her character in the film) for that Morning Raga.

    1. Ah Really ? - That's the difference between a seasoned artist and a newbie....ain't it? :)