Tuesday, May 22, 2012

సౌందరరాజం - బృందావనసారంగ - Soundararajam - Brindavanasaranga!

Soundararajam - Brindavanasaranga - excellent rendition by Sri D K Jayaraman....

Famous brother of D K Pattammal....

On Carnatic Radio...Vow!

Salutes to Dikshitar, a 100 thousand of them! 

Stupid, it might be - but I put my question out - Is there an equivalent in telugu ? What I mean by equivalent is - is there any kRti, kIrtana which can stand side by side with this one and proudly sung by a telugu person....if not is there any rendition of this one by any telugu person....

Elders and Proficient people - pls enlighten me!

Thanks in advance


1) Here is a link to that song......Who ever this lady is, she sang it nice ......

BUT DKJ was awesome, very awesome on this one.....This was today's highlight of the radio renditions....

2) Here is the link to the lyric with an explanation - http://nadhasudharasa.blogspot.com/2007/08/soundararajam-ashraye-brindavana.html

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  1. It may be Savita Kartik
    More about her here
    I may be wrong. This was quick google search.