Wednesday, May 9, 2012

సగంలో ఆగిపోయిన సుందరి !!

The Ethnic Woman's Journey....Just an update on the painting... :)

Should be done in couple more days...Quite a bit of work pending on this one.....

For some reason cannot decide on the back ground color and design on the blouse and saree....:)

 It will click/strike in a split sec, some time soon! hopefully...


  1. చిత్రం బాగా వేసారండి.

  2. Mat design is nice. Saree color combination is good too! background colors of green/blue/purple might look good, however light colors may add elegance too!

  3. చాపల అంచులకు కుచ్చుల్లా వున్న ముడులుంటే నాచురల్ గా వుంటుందేమో...