Tuesday, November 8, 2011

జో ఫ్రేజియర్ - మహమ్మద్ అలీ - Two Great Champions!! Watch This One....

Two Great Champions Meet.

You can see Ali's Sportsmanship, Sportiveness, Innocence as is the case with the Big Joe - Watch the clip.

Don't take your eyes off the clip from second 16 to second 40. You can see the spark in Ali's eyes. That's what I call a champion's spark.

When you see your opponent (I mean - సమవుజ్జీ) , respect him, adore him, play with him. Where did all that sportsmanship go man? It's a pity! pity! pity!  

మహమ్మద్ అలీ - జో ఫ్రేజియర్

ఛాంపియన్ జో ఫ్రేజియర్ ఈవేళ మరణించాడు.......

May His Soul Rest In Peace

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