Monday, March 28, 2011

ఎవరి వద్దనైనా - పద్మ ప్రాభృతకము (సంస్కృత మహాకవి శూద్రక విరచితము) తెలుగుసేత ఉన్నదా?

ఎవరి వద్దనైనా - పద్మ ప్రాభృతకము (సంస్కృత మహాకవి శూద్రక విరచితము) తెలుగుసేత ఉన్నదా?

ఈ దశవిధ రూపకాన్ని శ్రీ బాలాంత్రపు రజనీకాంతరావు గారు తెలుగులోకి  అనువాదం చేశారని విన్నాను..... వివరాలకు ముందస్తు ధన్యవాదాలు


  1. నిన్న్నే ఇక్కడ సమాధానమిచ్చానే. Anyway, here is one more attempt. The play you are asking for is one of the four monologues compiled under the title "chaturbhaaNi". ధూర్తవిటసంవాద by ఈశ్వరదత్త, పాదతాడితక by శ్యామలిక and ఉభయభిసారిక attributed to వరరుచి are the other three. You find a brief discussion on this genre in Velcheru&Shulman's afterword to క్రీడాభిరామము. Theres an old (by Manamohana Ghosh) and modern (Clay series, 2009) translation into English.

    rajani and pingaLi lakshmeekaantaM have broadcast these plays (in Telugu) on AIR, Vijayawada (see my writeup on Rajani in eemaaTa, 2001). Rajani has published all 4 bhaani-s translated in Telugu some 4 years ago. Sri Ippagunta Saibaba is the man behind that publication venture. The book should be available in the market. I know that plenty of copies are there! It hardly sells you know :(. If you can't get hold of it, contact Navodaya Ramamohanarao gaaru, or send someone to the shop in Vijayawada.

    -- Sreenivas

  2. Sreenivas gaaru

    Thanks for the info on the book. After I posted this request, was searching my DLI pdf's last night for something else and I found a copy of the play in bhArati patrika (1969 April issue i believe). At first I was excited, but as i went down the document, found that it was incomplete - probably atleast 8-10 pages were missing....Now, with your info, will be able to get the complete set, just not one - thank you... your information as usual is invaluable.